Rush Seating

Rush is a beautiful finish; it brings a sense of the rustic into your home and complements the country-

influenced design of the ladder back and bobbin back chair. We favour Dutch rush for its consistency

in size, texture and colour, fading over time from rich greens and yellows to the comfortable buff tone

always associated with this ancient method of chair bottoming.


Designs vary a little across Europe, but in the main hold true to a quartered pattern where the

seat is divided diagonally towards the centre. The chairs themselves are either fixed-frame or drop

in seats, both methods produced by ourselves in this most pleasing of materials.

For the eco-conscious, it should be noted there is little or no wastage of rush during the process.



Contact us for more information about our rush seating services.

Rush seat 4
Rush seat 7
Rush seat 5
Rush seat 8
Rush seat 6
Rush seat 9
Rush seat 1
Rush seat 2
Rush seat 3
 Some examples of natural rush seating   
Ladderback rush
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