Welcome to Willowcraft


Willowcraft Renovations is a small family-run business based in Darlington Co. Durham founded in 1983.

In these days of mass production and high-tech industries, we believe in the importance of preserving 

historical methods and traditions of furniture restoration.












Many old and loved pieces of furniture often find themselves relegated to the attic, the shed or the local tip in the

belief that restoration is impossible. However, we at Willowcraft can offer a solution by providing our customers with the

choice to repair rather than replace, to restore rather than renew.

Let's recycle folks!!














In most cases, chairs, tables and sideboards etc. can be repaired

and refinished to continue a useful and decorative existence in the home.


Our Services include Cane and Rush seating, Skeining, Dutch cord, Seagrass, structural repairs,

re-polishing and an upholstery service for both antique and contemporary pieces.

You are invited to browse the website and contact David or Denise Connor via the contact page for

quotations and advice on all aspects of chair and furniture restoration.

Our Promise:

It is the ambition of Willowcraft Renovations to provide an honest, professional service to our customers. A fair price for quality work. All costs will be agreed before any work is carried out.


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